My shopping day at Nordstrom rack 

So I started shopping in Nordstrom rack with my mom. I remembered how I picked up a bag which I remembered I think it was Marc jacobs but realized later as being disappointed that the label said over 100 dollars where it thought it said 20 something dollars and it was labeled looking like less than it was but anyways I went and found a cute jacket that I originally was going to buy but my mom said she would raise the money budget for what I can spend. It went to 30 to 40 to 60 the finally found a most beautiful handbag in the pic above. I love Ted Baker. So I bought the bag and was a present for my Hanukkah present. Around about $100 so it’s such a nice gift … thanks mom(:

Henri bendel wallet 👜 

Here is something I never expected to get as a brand but when I went in to the store at fashion valley mall in the Henri bendel shop … soemthing caught my eye because you should know I love wallets so I wanted a cheaper but still really unique and very nice wallet and I think this was a perfect purchase even though it was my birthday/Hanukkah present but wanted to thank my cousin so much 

Outfit of the day 10/10/16

I love this simple but cute top and the skirt is cute

Top and skirt: Charlotte Russe/ price :skater black skirt originally $20.99(got on sale-$10) and the top originally $15.99( got on sale -$10) and this is also bought with black tights(not in picture) -but are  $5.99… this did have tax while purchasing the things I bought 

Mesa fashion show may 2016

Mesa fashion show may 2016

me and my wonderful mom got to have a chance to go to my first fashion show together  ❤️☺️I love the crop top in one of the picture and another pic  is one of my favs because it reminds me of Japanese kinda look and anime look to it too! Also  you see in one of the pics which I love the big bow on the outfit and u see a neon swimsuit  is another thing I loves  especially for the summer since its for swimming(picture below)I love floral patterns and the headband goes perfectly with the floral theme in another photo I took that night 

Love the high knee socks  with the black heels and pink dress ! I love the way each piece goes well together(this is also in the picture that I took)