Instagram Bellissimo means lovely in Italian and I’m Liana goldberg and I love fashion since I was young … Beauty is in everyone even the people who get insecure about what they might look like but everyone’s different and has something important to them to keep them confident in the themselves to make them happy… On example that makes me happy is my makeup I like putting makeup on to make me happy and express myself and my personality is like ! I love fashion designs and the different textures and patterns!! 

This is me ☺️

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  1. lianagoldberg · October 1, 2016

    I love ❤️ my blogs and I hope everyone else will share my blog and don’t be afraid to let me know anything that could change so I can improve my writing and if other bloggers in fashion sees this let me know how and what to change and advice on how to have and get a successful fashion web/ blog

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